Cycled Diet Plan

Cycled Diet Plan

There are many hundreds if not thousands of diet plans on the market today, and though it is true that almost all of these said diets are either low fat diets or high protein diets not many of them actually work like they say they do. The reality is the best and most successful diets have very little to do with either of these types of diet but more to do with how we eat.

If we look back into history we will find that today’s diets have changed very little from diets from 50 years or so ago. Research shows us that high protein diets will help us to lose weight in the short term and a low fat diet will work for a little longer than a high protein one will, but neither of these types of diet will work in the long term.

More research tells us that the best and most successful diets are the ones that are not in a hurry for them to work over a short period of time but look at losing you weight over the long term. By long term I am talking of a period of about 5 years or more. 5 years sounds like a long time but I would be surprised if most people trying to lose weight have not been trying many diet plans to lose extra weight or keep their weight down for a lot longer than 5 wasted years.

The reason why most people fail with the types of diets above is because those diets expect us to eat the same foods day after day week after week and become so boring and painful to follow we end up either giving up or as soon as its over we go back to eating the rubbish we did before we started the diet or until we start our next diet. I hear you say “That’s true but what are the alternatives”. Well, let me tell you about a cycled diet.

A cycled diet plan is a diet that works on the way we eat and not so much on what we eat. A cycled diet is not a very popular with most people because of the time scale involved. As said above these diet plans last as long as 5 years or more but it is a diet that works and surely that is what we want right?

Now here is the best part, a cycled diet plan will work in the short term the medium term and the long term! That’s right you heard it right this is a diet that works. A cycled diet plan will work for us no matter what we want to lose weight for.

A cycled diet plan is based on eating certain foods or eating in a certain way for a short period of time (8 to 9 days) and then take 3 to 4 days off the diet and eat as you would normally eat for those 3 or 4 days. This helps stop the boredom of a normal diet plan and also leaves you free of feeling guilty that you have broken the rules of your low fat or high protein diet and this really helps you stick to the cycled diet plan for a lot longer and with greater results.

The cycled diet plan gives you more freedom in your life and you can enjoy certain things that you wouldn’t be able to with a normal low fat or high protein diet plan. For example, on your 3 or 4 day break from the cycled diet plan you could still go down to the pub or enjoy a glass of wine or two without breaking your diet, you could eat that lovely cream cake that you saw in the supermarket, you could even have those fish and chips or a burger and fries WITHOUT BREAKING YOUR DIET.

The results for those who have taken the cycled diet plan have said that this is a diet that works and it is hard to dispute the success stories that research has thrown up.